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2017 | 06-21
2017 | 06-21

In the past two decades, Bo Le Associates has grown into one of the biggest and most influential executive search firms in Asia. We have reached this position of leadership primarily by focusing on our relationships, and developing strong bonds with our clients, candidates and employees.

Beyond building our exquisite brand, “Bo Le”, we have also successfully sourced and nurtured a high-level team of executive talent and consultants. Since 1996, Bo Le Associates has maintained the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, helping clients build their brands, and attract desirable employees and leaders. I am delighted and deeply honored to have had the opportunity to work closely with the founding team in the last 20 years, and to witness their dedication and contribution to Bo Le. To name just a few:  Salome Kwok, George Li, Sarah Song, William He, Tracy Huang, Joannie Ye, Jessica Lau, Michelle Poon, Ati Simatupang etc. 

We also have more than 40 senior consultants who have been a part of our team for over 10 years—and many of them have been here much longer!  The clients, candidates and companions who have stood by Bo Le are one of our most treasured assets. With their devotion and hard work throughout the years, we have made miracles happen and they have helped shaped Bo Le as a legend within our industry. We continue to honor this legacy by passing on our knowledge and expertise to a new generation of talented consultants, always with the common goal of building a company that continues to earn respect well into the future.  

The executive search industry has been growing rapidly in Asia in recent years—particularly in  China—due primarily to the following three factors: 

First, a deeper pool of qualified candidates with good degrees and extensive training has raised client’s expectations. 

Next, emerging technologies and digital platforms have allowed us to develop a very strong database, with built-in capabilities to more efficiently identify and match candidates to fit client needs.  The entire industry, in fact, has moved to a digital model, and search firms now have more opportunities to serve clients better and faster.

Finally, we are now seeing an influx of young people interested in starting their careers in recruitment. Their energy and passion will most certainly challenge our business to innovate and grow, and Bo Le is dedicated to passing on our core values, knowledge and expertise to this new generation.

To keep pace with all these changes, Bo Le is now working to build a large and highly integrated platform, where we will continue to train and develop our consultants as our core asset. Our objective is to continue to build and cultivate a larger and more accountable team, to create a company that our clients and colleagues are proud to be part of. 

Moreover, we will embrace new technologies with an open-mind and positive attitude, so that our consultants can effectively grow our database and our knowledge base, to drive business, create efficiencies and provide more comprehensive and quality service to clients and candidates. We firmly believe that in a market like Asia, with huge a demand for talent, only search firms that can deliver fast results with a high level of accountability can maintain a competitive edge, and truly become an industry leader.

Together with our parent company, Recruit Group, I look forward to cementing our status as the industry pioneer in the global recruitment business. In the next 20 years , we will build a platform to share knowledge, opportunities and relationships, enabling all our clients, candidates and employees to connect and grow.This is what we strive for:  to be a company that brings together people and opportunities – leading them to create better lives.

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